Shegarsky districtShegarsky district is located 60 km to the west from the regional center Tomsk city. It borders on Krivosheensky district in the north, on Tomsky district in the east, on Kozhevnekovsky in the south and on Bakcharsky district in the west. Nowadays the total area of Shegarsky district is 5 thousand km2. The southern part of the territory of Shegarsky district is mainly covered with fields, the north-west is covered with taiga landscapes and moss swamps. The total area of swamps of this district is 110,3 thousand hectares.

There are 37 settlements, 5 rural administrations on the territory of the district. The administrative center is the village Melnikovo. It is situated 64 km far from the regional center.

Shegarsky district is very important for Tomsk oblast not only as a huge producer of agricultural production but as a very important transport junction.

Two roads of federal submission meet here and lead to:

  • the south - to Novosibirsk oblast and further to Altai;
  • the west - to Bakchar - Parabel - Kedrovy;
  • the north - to Kolpashevo and Kargasok;
  • the east - to Tomsk and then to Transsib highway.

 Two important pipelines go through the territory of Shegarka. They supply oil and gas for the enterprises of Tomsk and Kuzbass.

 4 km to the east from the village Melnikovo the river Ob (the most important river) of the West Siberia flows. 

The population of this district is 22,4 thousand people.

Links (Tomsk and Tomsk oblast) 

Official information server of Tomsk oblast
The State Duma of Tomsk oblast


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